Which are the most fattening drinks?


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When we want to lose weight, we often try to eat healthier foods. However, doing that may not achieve our goal, and we can be frustrated because we can’t see how those extra kilos go away. Before leaving your diet, be aware that you may not have paid attention to the drinks you consume, and because of that, you do not manage to lose weight. This note shows you which the most fattening drinks are so you can keep them away.

To be healthy, you need to drink at least two liters of liquid per day. But it is better that these two liters are of water, drink with zero calories, benefit the functioning of the metabolism, and give satiety. In fact, a survey of the Centre of Studies on Child Nutrition showed that from the two liters of liquids we consume every day, only 21% is made up of pure water, while the rest are teas with sugar or soft drinks. So note the beverages we will name you then and try to avoid them.

Which are the most fattening drinks?

1. Alcohol

The worst enemy of a flat stomach is alcohol. When we consume alcohol, the liver struggles to digest and leaves in the background the metabolism of fats. In addition, one of the problems of alcohol is that it provides empty calories, meaning that it does not add any nutrients. Moreover, alcohol alters the blood glucose levels, which leads us to feel hungry. So if you’re looking to lose weight, it is imperative to abandon alcohol.

2. Sugary sodas

These beverages that have artificial flavors, generally have added sugars which are incorporated into the body as direct calories. In fact, many experts say that the high level of obesity in America is due to the high consumption of these drinks.

3. Sports drinks

We must pay attention to sports drinks because they are high in calories and sodium content. This is because, as the name implies, these drinks were created to be consumed by athletes. But if you’re not going to burn those calories through physical activity immediately, try not to consume sports drinks.

4. Energy Drinks

These drinks fatten and the many calories they have; they are composed of caffeine and sugar, which is an explosive mix for our digestive system. So if you want to lose weight, you must avoid these drinks. Moreover, do not even think about mixing them with alcohol because that will only make you gain more pounds.

We recommend replacing these drinks with water (it helps speed up metabolism and not feel hungry) and green tea (its high levels of antioxidants allow the body to burn more fat). Below we give a table of beverage calories that you have to consider before drinking.

Table of calories

  • Mineral water: 0 lime.
  • Tea: 4 cal. Per cup.
  • In dilute juice powder: 50 cal. Per cup.
  • Sports drinks: 60 cal. Per cup.
  • Flavored waters: 60 cal. Per cup.
  • Tonic: 70 cal. per cup
  • Packaged fruit juice: 85 cal. Per cup.
  • Lemon-lime soda: 86 cal per cup.
  • Carbonated cola: between 90 and 120 cal. Per cup.
  • Beer: 90 cal. Per cup.
  • Cider: 100 to 150 cal. by the glass.
  • Red wine: 130 to 176 cal. by the glass.
  • White wine: 160 cal. by the glass.

Be careful when drinking; drinks can incorporate many extra calories without noticing them.





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