Tips to avoid rebound effect when you finish a diet


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Many people try too hard following diets to lose weight, and once they have reached their ideal weight when they finish the diet, they return to the habits they had before, which makes them gain the weight they had before, and even multiply it. This is the renowned “rebound effect.” This article will give you a few tips for you to avoid gaining weight after making a diet.

Causes of the rebound effect

The main cause of the rebound effect is that the people doing diets, once finished, return to bad habits such as drinking alcohol or eating bread and rolls.

However, the rebound effect is often caused because the diet that has been done is not balanced (usually happens with low-calorie diets), since, as it eliminates a large amount of food, the people who end up then eat these forbidden foods voraciously. Furthermore, these diets that promise short-term results generally help you lose weight by reducing fluid and not fat.

Another cause is the abandonment of physical activity during the diet because it goes from an active to a sedentary status, causing the return of the lost kilos.

Tips to avoid the rebound effect

  1. Do not skip meals
    As long as you do not want to accumulate weight, you must eat the recommended five meals a day. This helps the metabolism work continuously and properly and helps keep us satisfied without eating the first food we found.
  2. Do not deprive yourself.
    When you finish the diet, you can eat those foods that you were forbidden, but always watching portions and consuming them few times a week. So do not fall into despair and think before taking any of these calorie snacks.
  3. Healthy Food
    Had you thought that once you had finished your diet, you would no longer see a carrot? As this is not the case, you must continue consuming vegetables, fruits, and legumes because, besides being healthy, it helps us to keep weight due to its low-calorie content. In addition, it is advisable to consume a small portion of protein (such as lean meat) accompanied by an abundant salad that will help you being quickly sated.
  4. Make physical activity
    There are no miracles in this: you should not abandon the physical activity. First, it is healthy for the cardiovascular system and respiratory system, but mainly because exercise will help you burn those new calories we consume after finishing the diet. It is recommended to perform an hour of exercise two or three times a week. This will help you stay on track and motivated.
  5. Drink water
    It is advisable to drink at least two liters of water per day. This is because a hydrated body has a metabolism that works in the best conditions, helping burn stored fat. In fact, according to research from the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, good body hydration increases the metabolism by up to 30%.
    Also, the water gives us a satiety effect because it occupies space in the stomach, reducing appetite and avoiding eating other fattening foods.

Try these tips to avoid gaining weight after putting so much effort into a diet.





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