10 Fruits to fight various diseases


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Increasingly there are more natural ways to prevent or cure the most common diseases that affect humans. One kind of natural medicine is the fruit-therapy, which is based largely on supply the individual with different kinds of fruits for their nutrition.

Fruit therapy has extensive nutrients that improve general health, such as vitamins, trace elements, protein, fiber, minerals, etc. Among many other nutrients.

Fruit therapy is not a discovery of our time; old civilizations such as Greece used it.

Fruit Therapy benefits

  • Strengthen our defenses.
  • Detoxify the body.
  • They help the liver and kidney functions.
  • Helps eliminate uric acid.
  • Improve intestinal transit thanks to the fiber.

How to consume fruits.

Do not forget that raw fruits allow better absorption of their nutrients, but it is also advised to take mixed juices. Many recipes may include vegetables, which you can combine according to your tastes, needs, and seasons.

Here are some examples of popular fruits and serving:

  • Plum: Helps prevent cavities, flu and is effective against colds.
  • Coconut: Helps to eliminate anemia, prevent cancer, and is effective against mental fatigue.
  • Cherry: Effective combating chronic gallbladder.
  • Strawberry: Help hypertension, constipation, diabetes, or rheumatism.
  • Peach and Pear: To regulate the intestines.
  • Papaya: Help with heartburn.
  • Pineapple: against bronchitis, cystitis, sore throat, and cold.
  • Banana: Asthma, cramps, and depression.
  • Grape: Has great antioxidants, helps fight cancer, anemia, and cleans the blood.
  • Blackberry: Used for diarrhea, anemia, great blood producer.

Remember that fruits are a strong source of nutrients and antioxidants.





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