How to regulate the levels of sugar in blood


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The excess of sugar in the blood, or hyperglycemia, is often a hazardous disease to health because it can damage blood vessels and cause cardiovascular disease. It is about a disease in which glucose levels in the blood are high.

Glucose comes from the foods we eat. For this reason, what better than lower levels of sugar in blood with the nutrition? In this article, we will teach you to regulate hyperglycemia using certain foods.

How to regulate the levels of sugar in the blood

A diet, like exercise, is essential to maintaining balanced levels of sugar in the blood. However, keep in mind that having the levels of sugar in the blood altered for a long time can be caused by diabetes, a chronic disease characterized by the loss of insulin because of what your body does not absorb glucose.

If you have high blood sugar levels consistently, it is essential to visit your doctor to rule out diabetes. However, if it is something sporadic, try these foods.

1. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a great ally to reduce blood sugar levels and delay stomach emptying, allowing the reduction of sugar spikes that often occur after meals.

It is better to consume Ceylon cinnamon because it is the one that works best in reducing sugar levels in the blood. However, if you find it hard to get Ceylon cinnamon, you can use any other type.

For obtaining its benefit, use cinnamon to flavor your food, both sweet and savory, and use it in infusions.

2. Stevia

Stevia is a plant that grows naturally in the area of Paraguay and northern Argentina. It has recently become popular for its use as a natural sweetener that, besides being very healthy and saving us all the complications that entail the consumption of sugar, helps reduce sugar levels in the blood.

According to recent research, drinking three teas sweetened with stevia daily helps us maintain our blood sugar levels balanced. Moreover, it is an excellent ingredient to replace cane sugar without gaining weight as it has very few calories.

You can eat both the leaves and the stevia extract. Also, it has been created refined stevia that is available at any local store and has no chemical additives that sweeteners have.

3. Oats

Oatmeal is worldwide known for the many benefits it provides to our health. In this sense, besides being an excellent ally to lose weight, oatmeal also helps regulate sugar levels in the blood.

Oats can be used to replace flours that cause serious damage to our health because the gluten they have is then converted into glucose in our body.

We recommend eating oatmeal for breakfast in the morning to get the most benefit from it.

While these foods are very beneficial to reduce sugar levels in the blood, you should note that you should eliminate the consumption of cane sugar. In addition, you should perform daily physical activity, and you should control the portion sizes of your meals.

If your levels of sugar in blood are high, try these foods to achieve regulating it.