Detox water for flat belly [RECIPE]


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This detox water is made with a vegetable that is one of the most valued and consumed worldwide as a complement to salads or smoothie ingredients.

This vegetable has a high content of water that keeps you hydrated.  

It can also help you lose weight, avoid fluid retention, and eliminate toxins.

This vegetable is Cucumber; check its benefits:


The most important of these will help us to keep our skin healthy, prevent premature aging, and prevent the creation of fat tissue skin thanks to its content in vitamins C and E. 

Another of its benefits is antioxidants and essential oils that slow down the action of free radical agents.

Fisetin is an anti-inflammatory also contained in this vegetable, acts as a preventive against memory loss and the natural deterioration of aging.

If you take the habit of including it in your diet frequently, it will contribute to the elimination of fluids.

 It also helps in detoxifying the organism, whose consequence will be a further help to your goal of losing weight.

These are the values ​​for a cup of unpeeled raw Cucumber.

  • 26 mg of calcium
  • 28 mg phosphorus
  • 1.2 mg of iron
  • 6 mg of sodium
  • 168 mg of potassium
  • 13 mg of magnesium
  • vitamin A.
  • vitamin C
  • vitamin B.
  • vitamin E.


The benefits of Cucumber were already known years ago, but this recipe has managed to preserve them in a refreshing drink since these were previously lost when preparing cucumber preparations. 

Cucumber water has become very popular for this reason and is currently being used by many people who want to lose weight.

Let’s see its three chief virtues:


Cucumber is a powerful moisturizer and diuretic thanks to its high content of water and nutrients. 

This acts positively on fluid retention, directly responsible for inflammations and weight gain.

Besides, its calorie content is so low that your body will barely generate fat, and you can enjoy it as many times as you want.

TESTED Alkalizer

It may sound strange to you, the word alkalizing. But if you did not know what it means, an alkalized organism has a higher capacity to gain muscle mass when you exercise and destroy harmful fats

It’s possible because sustained consumption will increase the PH of the body and reduce acidity.


A sedentary life or lousy eating habits increase toxins in our body, which begin to obstruct the proper functioning of the body and can even cause chronic diseases. Cucumber water will help you fulfill this necessary function.

How to prepare detox water for a flat belly [RECIPE]


  • A Whole Cucumber
  • One liter and ½ of water
  • A lemon without peel
  • One teaspoon chia seeds


To prepare it, we peel and cut the cucumber into pieces and put it in the blender along with the rest of the ingredients.

We must liquefy the content until obtaining a homogeneous mass without lumps. Then we need to strain it, and we can already enjoy the cucumber detox water! Add some ice cubes and enjoy.