Atkins diet for weight loss


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If you’re looking to lose weight, the Atkins diet is miraculous in terms of the results you obtain, plus it is straightforward to follow.

The Atkins diet was created by the American cardiologist Robert Atkins, and it is based on eating low carbohydrate content. This diet, while helps you lose weight, promotes the release of ketone bodies whose prolonged presence can cause ketosis, which can lead to cancer because the cancer cells feed on glucose.

If you are willing to lose weight on the Atkins diet, read on to see what it is.

Atkins diet for weight loss

The Atkins diet is characterized by being composed of a variety of meals, by adding gradually healthy carbohydrates, and by helping you avoid binging. This diet consists of four phases.

1. Phase of the induction

The first stage is your introduction to the Atkins diet and lasts two weeks. It is intended that the body changes from burning carbohydrates to burning fat for energy. To make this happen, you should consume only 20 grams of carbohydrates per day in vegetables with few carbohydrates and rich in nutrients.

During this phase, you should eat five times a day and incorporate at least 150 grams of protein (meat, fish, eggs, or dairy). This will give you energy.

2. Phase of losing weight continuously

Once you spent the two weeks of the induction phase, you can start eating with greater versatility.

Thus, during this phase, you can increase the consumption of carbohydrates by consuming 25 grams per day. Also, it would help if you increased the variety of your meals gradually, starting with small portions of nuts.

The aim at this stage is to discover your tolerance for carbohydrates, which means that you learn how many you can eat without gaining weight.

3. Phase of the previous maintenance

When you move to phase 3, you’ve learned to control appetite, and you have only a few kilos to lose. During this phase, you can start consuming 55 grams of carbohydrates a day, so you include 65 grams of daily carbohydrates in the next week.

Also, you should test your tolerance for extra meals during this stage because if you do gain weight, you should stay away from them. Finally, note that the goal of this diet is not only to go down in weight, but you can keep healthy. So you must stay in phase 3 of the Atkins diet for at least a month.

4. Maintenance phase

In the last phase, you’ve reached your ideal weight. But that’s not all; you must keep it now. That is that the diet must become your lifestyle. The secret is to balance the carbohydrate intake.

All you have to do is to continue eating what you were eating during the stage of previous maintenance. As time passes, you will already have joined the Atkins diet to your lifestyle, but keep in mind that maybe your body needs changes and must be flexible to make modifications if necessary.

Try the Atkins diet to lose weight, observe the benefits, and incorporate it into your lifestyle.





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