Addictive foods to which you should say goodbye


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You’ve probably noticed that when you try a bite of some food, then you can’t stop eating it until it is finished. Do you know what we’re talking about? This is because certain foods produce a psycho-immuno-endocrine effect very similar to the drug reaction, causing addiction to those who consume them. This article will teach you which the most addictive foods are to avoid consuming them every time they are presented to you.

According to research published in PLoS One, conducted by researchers at the University of Michigan and the New York Obesity Research Center at St. Luke’s Mount Sinai Hospital, United States, the most addictive foods contain fat or sugar. This is because, as stated by Fernando Rodriguez Fonseca (coordinator of the Network of Addictive Disorders Carlos III Institute of Health), when we are hungry, we turn to the most caloric foods because we hope to achieve with them a feeling of being full. However, like any addiction, the more we eat these foods, the more we need to continue consuming them because they generate an ephemeral feeling of pleasure and well-being sent to our brains. Thus, when we eat these addictive foods, the brain has a similar reaction generated by chemical drugs.


In this sense, to avoid becoming addicted to food, it is best to know what they are more addictive. Then we will give you a list of foods that you should avoid because of their high addictive capacity.

Addictive foods

2- The chocolate (in all its variants)
3- Chips in package
4- The chocolate chip cookies
5- The ice cream
6- The fries
7- The cheeseburgers
8- The gaseous
9- The cakes
10- Cheese
11- The bacon
12- The fried chicken
13- The buns
14- The popcorn with butter
15- Cereals
16- Treats
17- Meat
18- Cupcakes
19. Nuts
20- Eggs
21- The chicken breast
22- The pretzels
23- The crackers
24- Energy bars

So, as we can see from this list, processed foods are the most addictive. This is not surprising as multinational food manipulates them chemically to be more addictive and thus maximize their consumption, which benefits these companies financially. However, in general, anxiety, stress, and distressing situations lead to compulsive eating unable to satisfy hunger.

It is clearly a long list of addictive foods, and we may ask ourselves: Do we really have to stop eating all this if we do not want to become addicted to food? Actually, the answer is to look for a balance. Many times we know that we are eating for pleasure, and we do not stop doing it. The ideal lifestyle is where you eat to live and not the one in which you live to eat. The most important thing is that you are aware that you can avoid eating one bite more. In addition, we recommend that you exercise daily, which will drive you to want to have a healthy life.

Be careful with these addictive foods that can lead you to develop a food addiction.





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