10 ways to burn 100 extra calories


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You might think that 100 calories do not affect your body. However, if you try to burn an extra 100 calories per day at the end of the month, you will see changes in your figure. In this note, we will teach you simple tricks to help you lose weight without realizing it.

Ways to burn 100 calories

1. Avoid prolonged sitting stay

Prolonged sitting leads to a sedentary lifestyle because any muscle is working and, therefore, you are not burning fat. However, if you sit at a desk because that’s your job, we recommend that you replace the chair with a large ball for gymnastics. This will help you burn calories because that exercises your muscles just trying to stay seated.

2. Walk 15 blocks

Walk 15 blocks at a rapid pace allows you to burn 100 calories easily. If you do not have time to relax and walk, it is better to walk back from work or walk a few blocks over to the next bus stop. The results are truly amazing.

3. Dance

Do you hate sports? Then try a session of wild dancing in the living room of your home for twenty minutes. This will let you burn a hundred calories simultaneously that will help you release stress and raise your self-esteem. Just try it, and you will see how effective it is.

4. Do a short workout

To burn a hundred calories, you need to do an intensive workout for fifteen minutes. The best is to perform 10 minutes of aerobic activity to burn fat and 5 minutes of strength exercises such as squats and lunges.

5. Drink cold water

To lose weight, it is advisable to consume more than two liters of water a day because it improves metabolism and gives satiety. To enhance the effect, you must drink cold water as this will impact your metabolism, which will burn more calories because it has to make an effort to heat water.

6. Drink tea

The infusions are very effective at relieving anxiety. For this reason, it is recommended to drink one infusion after consuming meals. Also, hot tea stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, allowing you to burn more calories.

7. Move

Avoid staying long in the same position. Instead, move your legs, your feet, your arms, walk around the office. If you do this, you can get to burn 100 calories an hour.

8. Clean the house

Surely you feel how you get tired when you do housework. This is because you’re burning calories. So do not stress every time you do the toilet, concentrate on the activity, and you could easily burn 100 calories.

9. Jump

If you were an expert on jumping rope in childhood, try to do it in adulthood. It is proven that jumping for ten minutes can burn 100 calories. You can even take the rope everywhere and get to jump every time you have some free time.

10. Play

Playing with your children will also help you burn calories while you share a moment with them. For example, try throwing the ball or playing hide and seek and see how it helps you lose weight while enjoying sharing the activity with your children.

If you do these tips every day, you can see how you lose weight without suffering.





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