10 mistakes we often make when we diet


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Diets often are performed without any controls, following our own guidelines. For this reason, diets do not generally show positive changes since we make mistakes that end up taking away all its slimming effect. So, if you’re on a diet and want to wear a fancy body, before getting frustrated because you fail the desired results, consider the most common mistakes when dieting. Then we’ll teach you so you can lose weight effectively.

10 mistakes that we often make when we diet

1. Prohibitions

It is essential that, once a week, you allow yourself to eat certain foods you want but are not included in the diet. This is because we do not want the metabolism to get used to the diet food. After all, it forces it to work hard to digest those “allowed” foods. Also, giving yourself a treat now and then is necessary to increase adherence to the diet plan.

2. Skipping meals

A typical mistake is skipping meals because if we don’t eat when we are not hungry, we lose weight. Actually, the opposite happens because eating every two to three hours helps keep metabolism in constant motion, which favors fat burning. Also, eating small snacks every two or three hours helps prevent bingeing because our body does not feel hungry.

3. Little liquid

Water is an essential part of any diet. However, sometimes we think it is not important, and we drink little liquid. It is best to drink at least two liters of water per day. This is because the water purifies and promotes the functioning of the metabolism while giving us a feeling of satiety. Also, we often eat something because we think we are hungry but in fact, what we have is thirst. For these reasons, it is important to drink water before any meal.

4. Abusing of “light” foods

We often buy food that in the container says “light,” and we believe we have free rein to eat everything that we please. Well, this is not true, primarily because these foods contain fewer calories, but that does not mean they are free of calories. Also, labels often say that it is a product low in sugars, and we do not consider that it has a lot of fat. Beware of these foods!

5. Eat few vegetables

Those who hate vegetables think that if they eat a little less of other foods, they can perfectly perform a diet without consuming vegetables. However, it is essential to eat vegetables because they are a rich source of fiber, which has a powerful cleansing effect. Besides, these foods help us feel full, incorporating few calories into our body.

6. “Pecking”

When we said that you should not skip meals, we did not want to say that you should eat all the time and anything. However, the snacks should be planned and low in calories. A common mistake is often eating the first thing you see every time you feel hungry, without paying attention to their calorie content. This obviously contributes to gaining weight.

7. Eat fast

To make a diet is imperative that you eat relaxed, often chewing each bite. This is because the information we are full takes to get to our brains, so we continue eating even though we have already incorporated the necessary nutrients. Also, eating slowly produces satiety sooner. So enjoy the moment of the food and take it as a moment of relaxation.

8. No breakfast

Again, maybe you think that by not eating breakfast, you lose weight. But, in fact, breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it is the one that gives us the energy that we’re going to handle all day. Also, skipping breakfast causes a decrease in blood sugar which makes us very hungry then.

9. Drinking alcohol

We often make a diet, but we continue consuming alcohol because we do not consider it very high in calories, which makes fat burning difficult. So, therefore, if you are someone who likes to drink alcohol, it is better to keep a day to consume a glass of wine but avoid excessive drinking.

10. Consume salt

Although salt does not add calories, it generates fluid retention, which gives us more weight. Besides, salt is very harmful to the cardiovascular system, so it is better to avoid it. Instead, you can replace it with spices, which give flavor and do not affect our body.

Are you following an eating plan, and you don’t see positive results? Maybe you’re making any of these mistakes.





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